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Count on Warwick, Rhode Island-based Toyenco to deliver proven business solutions through management consulting. We use our expertise to improve your business and help you realize better processes and a better bottom line. The letters "E" and "N" form a key part of our name, and they are also in the three words that embody the comprehensive focus on which our expertise and reputation were developed: energy, environment, and management.

Skyscraper Construction


Energy is the inherent power and capacity to get work done. It can be found in all the resources available to a company or organization. These energy resources include:

People – Customers, Employees, & Vendors
Funds – Capital & Operating
Utilities – Raw & Distributed
Materials – Raw, Processed, Supplied, & Byproduct
Equipment – Process, Environmental, & Office
Space – Site, Structures, & Interiors


All the conditions that surround and affect the development of a company are its environment. These dynamic environments include:

Physical & Technical – Physics, Technological Development, & Productivity Standards
Business & Economic – Employment Levels, Inflation Rate, & Interest Rates
Social & Legal – Government Laws, Regulations, & Community Relations
Consumer & Market – Consumer Needs & Wants, & Competitive Advantages


This is the process of gaining and keeping control of company resources. The goal is to ensure that the most productive use is being made of them in response to changing environments that affect the company. Management involves:

Planning – Organizing – Staffing – Implementing – Maintaining