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Technical Assessment of Integrated Systems

Toyenco offers technical assessments, industrial planning and solutions, and highly-focused problem solving with turnkey system delivery. Our experienced team in Warwick, Rhode Island, can grasp the issues you face, provide a careful analysis, and narrow your options to meet your needs with extensive skillsets, including:

Technical Networkers
Technical Coordinators

Technical Solutions for Business & Industry

Our solutions focus on resolving problems that concern energy, environment, and management. Our professionals offer a wide range of solutions to meet any need. Our system solutions can help when you're anxious about size, scope, and complexity of systems by delivering fully-integrated systems with minimum interruptions and maximum value. Service solutions can help when you're short on time, man-power, expertise, or you just need a fresh outlook. Our equipment solutions can help you find new, used, or even hard-to-find equipment to ensure you meet the needs of your project, your budget, and your process demands.

Focus on the Big Picture

We offer end-to-end planning, design, and execution, and complement and extend your in-house resources. By focusing on the big picture, we can find the best solutions, both large and small, and provide technical assessments and inspections. We can also help coordinate your resources on-demand, ensuring you have all you need. Trust us to:

• Save Time & Money, Day-to-Day, by Improving Processes
• Leverage Opportunities in Growth, Consolidation, & Relocation
• Satisfy Complaints & Regulations, including OSHA, EPA, & Local
• Improve Process Manufacturing & Physical Plant Facilities
• Respond to Operational, Maintenance & Emergency Issues

Contractor with Plans

Our Solutions

Toyenco offers a wide range of solutions, tailored to your business' unique needs:

Service Solutions
• Coating/Lamination Line
• Concrete Support Pad
• Nuisance Emission Assessment
• Emission Filtration Unit
• Pilot Filter Unit

Systems Solutions
• Exhaust Ductwork
• Dust Collecting
• Web Coating Line
• Fuel Storage Tank
Equipment Solutions
• Air Make-Up System
• Catalytic Incinerator